Purpose and Liability

On this website, an easy-to-use interface to the thermodynamic model AIOMFAC (Aerosol-Inorganic Organic Mixtures Functional groups Activity Coefficients) is made available, termed "AIOMFAC-web" version. Use of AIOMFAC-web is free of charge but comes without any legally binding guarantees for correctness of results, website availability, or user support.

The AIOMFAC-web model and this website have been developed with the intention to serve as a useful tool for students, scientists, and engineers as well as everyone else interested. Great care has been taken to ensure proper model behavior within its range of applicability (see here). However, there is no guarantee that the model results are accurate and correct for every kind of user-specific calculation. The authors take no formal responsibility for incorrect model results, misinterpretation of model input and output, or actions taken by users based on AIOMFAC results.

The authors reserve all rights to make future changes to the AIOMFAC-web model version, calculation modes, and written contents available on this website.


All web pages as well as their parts are protected by copyright. It is permissible to copy them and print them out only for private, scientific and noncommercial use.

Use of AIOMFAC-web calculation results in scientific or non-scientific publications is explicitly allowed subject to proper citation of this website and the published articles describing the AIOMFAC model.

Additional information is available on request from the authors.

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